My First Haircut!   February 2nd, 2011

My hair is weird. The swirl of Jupiter has already been discussed, and that doesn’t seem to be going away. But my hair grows in this weird pattern. The front hasn’t really grown much at all. The crown of my head has pretty long hair – 2-3 inches. But the back of my hair…WOW! I had what mommy called a “mullet” for a long time, which she hated, but not enough to do anything about it. Then this morning, she said I had a “rat tail!” Why the heck would I have a rat tail growing out of my head! From what I understand, rat tails are long and skinny and rough, like this:

(Why my mother owned rats, I’ll never know) How could THAT grow out of MY HEAD! Here is a picture of me in all of my mullet-glory. I don’t see any tail, but mommy says its there somewhere…

She said that I look like a true Midwesterner in that picture – whatever that means!

Well, today, she cut it all off! She got it all on video, but the video is kind of uneventful because I decided I’d be extra cooperative. So the pictures will do! Here is the finished, handsome me!

I’d say my mommy did a pretty good job. She has a fear of hair, so it was especially difficult for her. Way to pull through, mama!

I’m ONE YEAR OLD today   January 27th, 2011

I’m one today! This has been an great year, I’ve learned so much! I can walk, say mama, and even feed myself! A year ago I couldn’t say the same :) My mommy made a whole list of things that I learned this year, and even SHE can’t believe how long it is! It’s hard to believe that a year ago I was so small – probably only the size of me without my legs now. And mommy tells me I didn’t do much. I slept a lot of the day, I ate some formula, and pooped a lot (but really, that hasn’t changed!) but that was about it. Now she and I can go places and I have fun, I laugh and play and explore. One of my favorite things to do is push stuff. We go to restaurants and I don’t really care about the food, I just want to rearrange the place. I am all about what she calls the “Feng Shui”.”

For my birthday, my grandma Neen made me this AWESOME purple monster cake! It said “Happy Birthday” on it, and when it was my turn to eat it, I just took off all of the frosting. That’s the important part anyway, right??

Since most of my family lives so far away, we had to have a “virtual” birthday party! My mommy uses this program called Skype, and we were able to have Grandpa Jim and Nana and Papa all call in from Wisconsin to sing to me and celebrate! And since they were so far away, we got to eat ALL THE CAKE!

Here I am talking to Nana and Papa!

Here, Nana and Papa were talking to Grandpa Jim while we were getting the cake ready!

And here’s our latest family portrait – minus my daddy cause he was the photographer!

I got a lot of great gifts. My favorite right now is my new vacuum cleaner! It makes sounds like a REAL vacuum cleaner and I like helping mommy clean the house a few times a day. I think she likes it when I help too! I used to be SO scared of her vacuum cleaner because it makes so much noise, but then one day grandma left it in the kitchen and I just pushed it back and forth for about an hour. I wasn’t scared of it anymore after that. It’s not so big and scary!

Move 2.0   November 11th, 2010

I’m ready for my marathon!!!

I have been so busy that I haven’t had time to update you all. I know I’m very important and all but give a guy a break!

I started swimming lessons! I get to go twice a week and my instructor, Ms. Barbara, is so nice to me! I’m the youngest one in the class and she is very helpful to make sure that I’m comfortable in the water. A few times, other people were there first and it scared me a bit, but she plays some fun games with us and my grandma even got me my own goggles!

A few weeks ago, my grandpa came out to visit and we went to a Pumpkin Patch! It was called Pooleys or something like that. But it was so much fun!

Here I am on the way there. Notice I’m rockin’ my cowboy boots! I was so excited I just couldn’t even contain myself!

When we first got there, I was chillin’ with my daddy. I love my daddy!

It was kind of a warm day, mommy kept saying “this isn’t fall weather!” but there was a lot to do! There was a chicken coop and one of the chickens got out, so he was walking all over the place. And then we got to pet some baby chicks, and there were horses but grandma said I probably shouldn’t ride one yet. Maybe next year!

We got to go on a hayrack ride to go actually pick out our pumpkins! There was this biiiiig tractor that pulled us!

It was a bumpy ride, but obviously I enjoyed it because it put me right to sleep :)

When we got off the hayrack ride we were in the middle of this biiiiiig field with LOTS of pumpkins! Mommy and I walked around to find the PERFECT pumpkin for my first carving!

Here I am trying to decide between a few.

I picked a perfect little one that will be AWESOME with my SuperMax logo on it! I was a happy camper.

Grandma and grandpa got a pumpkin too! We ended up with 4 whole pumpkins to carve this year!!!

I tell ya, pumpkin harvesting is HARD WORK! I was a thirsty boy by the end of it all!

On our way home we were all reminiscing about what fun we’d just had! It certainly was an awesome day! You can tell by the big smile on my face!

Mommy says that we will make that pumpkin patch an annual tradition! It will be even COOLER next year when I can ride on the horses and walk around in the pumpkin patch!!!

I’m a mover and a shaker!   August 13th, 2010

I guess it’s out – my secret power has been found out! Yes its true, I can crawl. I’ve been able to do it for a while. Mommy would put me down, and then turn her back. I’d crawl, and as soon as she’d turn back, I’d lay back down on my belly. She couldn’t ever really figure out how I’d get from one place to the other. She assumed I rolled or scooted. She’s seen me scoot and roll, but she never thought I’d be crawling.

So yesterday, Grandma Neen and Aunt Sarah and Daddy were talking to Grandpa on Skype, and when I saw him I just got SO UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED that I wanted to get closer, so I just got up on all fours and started crawling! They all freaked out, and I realized that it was the first time they’d seen it, and I’d blown my cover! Some spy I am, huh? Well, in an effort to distract them from what they saw, I fell down onto my belly and started crying so that they thought it was too much effort and wouldn’t make me do it anymore.

Boy was I wrong!

When mommy got home a little while later, Grandma Neen told her what happened, and mommy tricked me into crawling for her, and now there’s VIDEO EVIDENCE! I can’t even believe I was so STUPID! She knows how much I love to chew on power cords and press buttons on her computer. So she just put the computer out there for me to look at, and she KNOWS I can’t resist it! So I saw it, I got SO EXCITED that I started doing my little army crawl towards it. But that was taking too long, so I decided to just go for it, and I got up on all fours and I just HAD to push those buttons! They all got so excited again, and now mommy’s call me her crawling boy, so I suppose it’s not all bad. I’ve really got to work on concealing these special powers, though. I can’t let them find out everything else about me yet!

I’m back!   August 2nd, 2010

Wow, July was a busy month! I was so busy and had so many people visiting me doing way fun things that I didn’t even have time to blog! I know you’ve all missed me!!

After my Aunt Sarah left, mommy, daddy and I had a few days where it was just us. Then, on Saturday, we got to go to a really fun place called Chicago! My great grandma was turning 85 years old and we were going to a surprise party for her! She had NO IDEA that she was going to meet me for the first time, and she was going to see 60 other people she hadn’t seen in a really really long time.

This is my great grandmaand great grandpa!

Mommy and daddy and I even got to stay in a HOTEL! I’ve never been to one of those before! But they had a pool and papa came swimming with me and it was SUCH A FUN TIME!

At the party, lots and lots of people wanted to hold me. I got to see my Aunt Joleen and Uncle Nick, and my cousins, Keora and Colette, and meet all of my moms aunts and uncles and cousins!

This is me with my cousins and Aunt Jojo and Uncle Nick, my parents, my mom’s cousins and aunts and uncles, and my grandparents and great grandparents! We are a pretty attractive family if I do say so myself!
This is me with my great grandma! It was so fun to finally get to meet her! My mommy talks about her a lot :)
Here I am sitting with my mom’s Aunt Geri watching Keora and Colette swim with Aunt Joleen! I couldn’t go in cause I didn’t have any of my swimming stuff, but it was still fun to watch!
Here I am having a bonding moment with my cousin Colette.
I got to meet my great-uncle John, too! He’s got the same name as my daddy, but he’s A LOT bigger than daddy!! He was so tall I felt like I was flying when he was holding me! And he had BIG HANDS that he let me suck on, which was just AWESOME!
This is my great-Aunt Joann! I think she looks a lot like Nana. She was so much fun! We got to play lots of games together. She’s from New Jersey. She has a son, my second cousin, Mike, who couldn’t come, and her husband, Dan, my great uncle. I will get to meet them at Christmas!

That was a long drive for such a short trip, but it was totally worth it! I even got to eat CAKE! I loved it of course. I love sugar!

MMM CAKE!!! Gimme more!!!

After we got back from Chicago, Grandma Neen and Grandpa Jim came down to see me! We got to go to the Strategic Air and Space Museum! It was so cool to see all of those big planes and learn about flying! I think I want to be a pilot!!

We had lots of fun while they were here, and when they left, the brought mommy and me up to Wisconsin to see Nana and Papa! We got to spend a WHOLE WEEK there! It was so fun to spend that much time with them. We got to do a lot of swimming and I met so many new people! I got to see great grandma and great grandpa again, and I got to meet a lot of Nana’s friends. While I was there, I also finally learned how to sit up on my own! I use my leg muscles to keep me from toppling over now! I still fall over sometimes, but it’s much more fun to play with my toys while sitting up than while laying on my belly! My mommy says she thinks I’m close to crawling now, too! I can scoot pretty well, but I haven’t quite figured out the whole moving-my-arms-and-legs-in-the-same-direction thing yet. Working on it!

Only one more week with mommy off of work before she has to go back. I’m excited for Grandma Neen to come back and spend time with me, but I will miss mommy when she goes back to work. I have a sneaking suspicion that she will miss me a little bit, too!

So many visitors!!   July 4th, 2010

Wow, I must be really popular and cute and funny. Because I have people coming from all over the country just to come see little ol’ me. Last week, Nana and SK came for FOUR WHOLE DAYS! It was so much fun with them! They got me a bunch of really awesome toys to play with, and I’m actually starting to use many of them on my own! I like that they make a lot of noises, and sometimes when they make really SILLY noises I giggle. We got to do so many fun GROWN UP things. We went to the zoo and rode on this thing called Skyfari, where you sit in this chair and it takes you up above all of the animals! We almost got to touch the heads of giraffes, and then rhinos were under us, and monkeys and seals and ostriches, oh my! I was so grown up and mature I didn’t get scared or cry ONCE. It was probably the most fun thing at the zoo. We got to go to grown up shopping and grown up restaurants, which makes me feel like I’m very important.

The day that they left my Aunt Sarah came from a magical place called Oregon. She got in after I went to bed, but she woke up bright and early the next morning to play with me! We were so busy! Here are some of the things we did:

We went for walks! This is me in my kickin’ cool sunglasses that Nana got for me, and the way cool hat that Grandma Neen got for me. We went on a nice long walk and Aunt Sarah held me the whole time and I fell asleep on her. It was so fun!!

We ate! Well, she ate food, and I ate some food but mostly fingers. She was really nice about letting me chew on her fingers.

We watched quality programming! I believe this show was called “Saved By The Bell.” I don’t really know what that means, but there was lots of singing and dancing. I liked that.

She taught Moxi and me some Yoga! Basically I just did whatever Moxi did and it felt WONDERFUL! Dogs sure know how to live.

On Thursday my daddy got home from LA and when he got home we went to downtown Ralston because there were lots of people and live music. My daddy and I danced together!

On Saturday morning there was another person here to visit me! His name is Paul, and he’s Aunt Sarah’s boyfriend. He came from Wisconsin, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it was to see HER more than to see ME. But that’s okay, cause we got along very well. He has a beard, and I love beards.

See? Best friends.

We took Aunt Sarah and Paul to the Farmer’s Market, and down there is this river place and I guess that’s where my dad asked my mom to marry him. Here are Sarah and Paul by the river. They are so fun!

I love my Aunt Sarah! I can’t wait until I get to see her again in August!!!

WISCONSIN!!!   May 31st, 2010

Well, internets, this has been a VERY exciting weekend full of new friends and new experiences!

Today is Memorial Day and daddy didn’t have to work, so we went up to a magical place called WISCONSIN for the weekend. That’s where Grandma Neen and Grandpa Jim, and Nana and Papa live. We had to take Grandma Neen home, which is a very sad fact, but I will see her again in 6 weeks and I’m sure that my mommy and I will have lots of fun in that time.

It really takes a long time to get to this magical place cause we were in a car for SO MANY HOURS! We left really really early in the morning – the sun wasn’t even fully out yet! The first few hours of the ride were really nice and fun, but then I got kind of bored and I missed my mommy holding me. LUCKILY, before we left, my mommy and Grandma Neen got me this cute stuffed dog named Scruffy Wan Kenobi. My daddy has a puppy from when was 5 years old named Scruffy, and this is his long lost Jedi-son. He was really good at cuddling with me when mommy couldn’t, and I slept on his chest for a little bit in the car.

Apparently WISCONSIN is full of many wonderful people, because I met SO many new friends while I was there! I met my Uncle Nick and Aunt Joleen (Jojo) and my cousins Keora (Kiki) and Colette (Coco). Keora is much bigger than me, almost 9 years old! But she’s a lot of fun to play with because she makes me smile a lot. Colette is 5 months older me but she is muuuuuch taller than me! She looks almost like a grown up!  I got to see my Aunt Amethyst again, and she’s got a husband who is bald just like me named Erik! And then there’s Uncle JR and his soon-to-be wifey Susan, and they got me a really cute Mickey Monster doll. It’s so awesome. I met these two really nice people named Karen and Mark. They don’t enjoy kids in general but I can tell that they were warming up to me. I mean what’s not to like?? ;) I also met another one of my mommy’s friends named Kym who is going to have a little baby girl in only 3 weeks!! HELLOOOOOO LADIES!

I ALSO got to go swimming in Nana and Papa’s POOL for the first time! It’s so much cooler than the dinky little hippo pool mommy got for me (sorry mommy). Mommy was trying to teach me how to kick my legs in the water. I started to get it, but then my toesies got cold and I had to get out. But swimming sure works up an appetite! Cause I was HUNGRY!!

Swimming and meeting new people definitely takes it out of you! Last night I managed to sleep ALL THE WAY through the night and didn’t wake up even ONCE! Even when mommy’s alarm went off this morning and Moxi started barking!!

I wish we could have stayed longer, but we had to leave REALLY early again this morning. I was pretty sleepy in the car. I slept for the first hour or so, but then I woke up to eat. For the first part of the ride, Scruffy Wan Kenobi let me borrow his light saber.

Here I was using the force to see if I could get daddy to stop to change my diaper.


After he changed my diaper and I got burped, I managed to sleep for the last 4 hours of the trip. Now we’re home again, and I can’t wait to go back!!!


Today my mommy bought me a little pool!  I always like my bath time, and she thought this would be fun for me, especially because it’s been REALLY HOT the past few days and it’s going to CONTINUE to be hot ALL THIS WEEK! And NEXT weekend we’re going to Nana and Papa’s house, and they have a REALLY BIG pool and mommy wants to take me in it!

At first, I wasn’t too big of a fan of the pool. Sometimes when she puts me in my bathtub I scream my head off because HELLO! I’m little and I need time to ADJUST! So I screamed bloody murder but then I got used to it and had a grand ol’ time!!

In other news, my mommy is done with work for the summer which means I get to see her ALL THE TIME now!!  This makes me so happy I can’t even begin to express it! On the other hand, though, this means that my Grandma Neen is leaving soon. This is unbelievably sad news.  I have had SO MUCH FUN with her over the last 2 months. I’m so lucky that she can take care of me.  Mommy just told me that she is going to come back and stay for next school year too, so I will get lots of Grandma Neen time then! But I will miss her over the summer.

Mommy, daddy and Grandma made me laugh SO Hard today! My daddy makes me laugh a LOT because he is SO crazy, but this is the hardest I’ve ever laughed. It’s nice that they are starting me on my ninja training so early!!

I’m a standin’ fool!   April 24th, 2010

Lately ALL I’ve wanted to do is STAND UP! My head is still so heavy, though, so my balance is a bit wobbly.  Mommy says I need to work on my core muscles, whatever those are, cause they will help me with balance. But whatever. All I know is that I want to STAND UP! Mommy and daddy just hold onto my hands and I will stand there and talk to them for a long time. But sometimes, they say they have so much to do that it’s easier for them to just hold me – but I don’t like that! So today, mommy and grandma went out and bought me this weird chair thing that mommy calls my exersaucer. I love it!!

It lets me sit up straight, and there are fun things for me to grab onto and play with.  Unfortunately, it’s made for kids who are a little older (and bigger) than me, so mommy has to pad it with towels. My feet don’t touch the platform that I can stand on, so she put a bunch of towels there. And because my “core” muscles aren’t quite up to par, I have to have a towel around me. But oh my gosh! It’s so nice to sit in it and bounce and play!

Aren’t I cute?? I am teething now, so chewing on that towel was just exhilarating for me!

I think this is when I was telling momma how much I loved my new toy!

Loving this!!!!

Here I was using the force to try to bend that flowery thing that I was looking at. But it didn’t work. I had to use my hand instead!