I’m a standin’ fool!   April 24th, 2010

Lately ALL I’ve wanted to do is STAND UP! My head is still so heavy, though, so my balance is a bit wobbly.  Mommy says I need to work on my core muscles, whatever those are, cause they will help me with balance. But whatever. All I know is that I want to STAND UP! Mommy and daddy just hold onto my hands and I will stand there and talk to them for a long time. But sometimes, they say they have so much to do that it’s easier for them to just hold me – but I don’t like that! So today, mommy and grandma went out and bought me this weird chair thing that mommy calls my exersaucer. I love it!!

It lets me sit up straight, and there are fun things for me to grab onto and play with.  Unfortunately, it’s made for kids who are a little older (and bigger) than me, so mommy has to pad it with towels. My feet don’t touch the platform that I can stand on, so she put a bunch of towels there. And because my “core” muscles aren’t quite up to par, I have to have a towel around me. But oh my gosh! It’s so nice to sit in it and bounce and play!

Aren’t I cute?? I am teething now, so chewing on that towel was just exhilarating for me!

I think this is when I was telling momma how much I loved my new toy!

Loving this!!!!

Here I was using the force to try to bend that flowery thing that I was looking at. But it didn’t work. I had to use my hand instead!

I’m FAMOUS!   April 11th, 2010


My mommy says its because I’m the cutest baby in the world, and I’m tempted to believe her, but I think it’s really for something else.  As it turns out, Wednesday, April 7th, there was an article written about these two really nice ladies who took my picture when I was only 10 days old!  My mommy rants and raves about the awesome pictures that they took of me.  They are so cool! We have one hanging at home, but she keeps saying when she gets the “proofs,” whatever those are, she’s going to order more.  I know I’m pretty handsome, but let’s not go overboard here!! Here’s a link to the online article:

Omaha World Herald

The lady who took my pictures was named Kelley Ryden.  She’s a pretty big deal. She was on some national show named Good Morning America or something like that, and she teaches a lot of classes around the world on how to work with babies.  The day I was there, she was teaching a class, so there were about 20 people in the room  admiring my nakedness.  It’s a good thing I’m not modest!  She posted some of the pictures online here. She also has a really great website here.

So living the famous life has been pretty rough.  People keep telling me I’m so handsome and they want to eat my face off and things like that.  My schedule has gotten very packed with meet and greets, autograph signings, and all of those PR gigs that big stars have to deal with on a day to day basis.  I sure does feel good to come home to such a loving family!! :P

Grandma Neen is here!   April 4th, 2010

My grandma Neen is here! She came last week to take care of me while mommy goes back to work for a few months. I love having her here! I get so much love during the day, it’s almost as good as having my mommy here! I am always so happy when my mommy gets home, but if I can’t be with her, Granama Neen is the best second option!

Here are some of the things we’ve been doing:

Going for LOTS of walks! I love my stroller!!

Laughing and playing, dancing and eating (I’m GOOD at that one)!

And sleeping!

Well, this is me sleeping with mommy. Sometimes I have to have my hand there to get comfortable enough to fall asleep. She says I’m just like my daddy…