I have been so busy that I haven’t had time to update you all. I know I’m very important and all but give a guy a break!

I started swimming lessons! I get to go twice a week and my instructor, Ms. Barbara, is so nice to me! I’m the youngest one in the class and she is very helpful to make sure that I’m comfortable in the water. A few times, other people were there first and it scared me a bit, but she plays some fun games with us and my grandma even got me my own goggles!

A few weeks ago, my grandpa came out to visit and we went to a Pumpkin Patch! It was called Pooleys or something like that. But it was so much fun!

Here I am on the way there. Notice I’m rockin’ my cowboy boots! I was so excited I just couldn’t even contain myself!

When we first got there, I was chillin’ with my daddy. I love my daddy!

It was kind of a warm day, mommy kept saying “this isn’t fall weather!” but there was a lot to do! There was a chicken coop and one of the chickens got out, so he was walking all over the place. And then we got to pet some baby chicks, and there were horses but grandma said I probably shouldn’t ride one yet. Maybe next year!

We got to go on a hayrack ride to go actually pick out our pumpkins! There was this biiiiig tractor that pulled us!

It was a bumpy ride, but obviously I enjoyed it because it put me right to sleep :)

When we got off the hayrack ride we were in the middle of this biiiiiig field with LOTS of pumpkins! Mommy and I walked around to find the PERFECT pumpkin for my first carving!

Here I am trying to decide between a few.

I picked a perfect little one that will be AWESOME with my SuperMax logo on it! I was a happy camper.

Grandma and grandpa got a pumpkin too! We ended up with 4 whole pumpkins to carve this year!!!

I tell ya, pumpkin harvesting is HARD WORK! I was a thirsty boy by the end of it all!

On our way home we were all reminiscing about what fun we’d just had! It certainly was an awesome day! You can tell by the big smile on my face!

Mommy says that we will make that pumpkin patch an annual tradition! It will be even COOLER next year when I can ride on the horses and walk around in the pumpkin patch!!!