So many questions!   February 23rd, 2010

Eye of JupiterThis is what my mommy and daddy call my “Eye of Jupiter.”  I don’t know who this Jupiter fellow is, but if my eyes were made out of swirly hair I might be sad.  Apparently my mommy and my Nana and Uncle Nicky (whom I have yet to meet) all have some of Jupiter’s eyes, too, which I don’t really understand why he keeps giving away eyes.  You’d think he’d start to run out – I mean I only have two, and everyone I’ve met so far only has two – how many eyes does this Jupiter character have??

Mommy told me today that since I’m almost a month old I have to get shot tomorrow. If by getting shot she means what happens inside that little box in the window room, I don’t think I want to go.  But she also said that I get to see Dr. Q, and every time I get to see him he’s so gentle and nice, so I don’t really understand why he would hurt me.  Maybe getting shot is something different.

So I’ve been on this side of the world for almost a month. Things are so different here! I kind of like that I don’t have that weird cord coming out of me – it was hard to maneuver with that. Its a lot colder on this side, though.  And sometimes I miss swimming all day.  I like being able to stretch out, though.  I’m getting so big that sometimes when I stretch my clothes snap open.  My mommy then tickles whatever part of me popped open.  We have a lot of fun.

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