I’m a big boy!   February 24th, 2010

RelationshipI am 28 days old today! I went to see Dr. Q for my one month checkup, and HE SHOT ME! Now I know why, when the people inside the box in the room with all the windows get shot, they SCREAM!  I screamed my head off!! Now I know why my mommy says she likes the doctor but hates going.  I like Dr. Q but that woman with the pointy thing that hurt my leg, she is not my favorite person today.

On the upside, I got to see daddy in the middle of the day, and when we got home my mommy squirted this yummy berry flavored stuff into my mouth.  She said it would make me feel better.  I’m still hurting but that tasted good!

Mommy is a little sad today because I am wearing different clothes.  She says I am growing too fast for her.  Dr. Q said i am doing well, I weigh 9 lbs. now! I sure am a big boy :)

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