Nana comes today!   February 26th, 2010

My nana is coming to visit me today (she’s my mom’s mom). I am very excited for this! I haven’t seen Nana since right after I was born! And lets face it, I couldn’t see much at that time!

I haven’t been feeling very well lately.  I get these rumblys in my tumbly that won’t stop.  It hurts sometimes.  Mommy says it’s gas and that it hurts everyone, but that doesn’t make me feel any better.  She did get this stuff that she squirts into my mouth that tastes really good and sweet, and that helps after a while.

Mommy gave me my first real bath! Usually she just uses this little cloth thing with soap on it and I get really cold during my bathtime.  But this time I actually got to sit IN the water! It was so fun.  It was warm and kinda bubbly.  It made my tummy feel a little better, too.  I like the water.  Mommy says she thinks I’m part fish.  I don’t know which part, really, but it seems to be okay!  Maybe my lips?

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