My First Haircut!   February 2nd, 2011

My hair is weird. The swirl of Jupiter has already been discussed, and that doesn’t seem to be going away. But my hair grows in this weird pattern. The front hasn’t really grown much at all. The crown of my head has pretty long hair – 2-3 inches. But the back of my hair…WOW! I had what mommy called a “mullet” for a long time, which she hated, but not enough to do anything about it. Then this morning, she said I had a “rat tail!” Why the heck would I have a rat tail growing out of my head! From what I understand, rat tails are long and skinny and rough, like this:

(Why my mother owned rats, I’ll never know) How could THAT grow out of MY HEAD! Here is a picture of me in all of my mullet-glory. I don’t see any tail, but mommy says its there somewhere…

She said that I look like a true Midwesterner in that picture – whatever that means!

Well, today, she cut it all off! She got it all on video, but the video is kind of uneventful because I decided I’d be extra cooperative. So the pictures will do! Here is the finished, handsome me!

I’d say my mommy did a pretty good job. She has a fear of hair, so it was especially difficult for her. Way to pull through, mama!

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