What a great weekend!   February 28th, 2010

I love my daddyI had a great weekend! My Nana and her friend SK came to visit me.  Nana really loves cuddle time, so I was in heaven with her! Make sure you check out the Flickr photos because there are some pictures of us together in there! She gives the same kisses as my  mommy does, though, and sometimes I just want to say, ‘THAT’S ENOUGH!” but I can’t, so I deal with it.  Mommy calls them Italian Kisses.  If Italians need to kiss you 4,302 times every time they try, I don’t think I want to go there.

It was exhausting, though! You can see the picture of me sleeping next to my daddy during my nap time today.  He’s very cuddly and warm too.  He’s like a giant teddy bear. I hope I am as hairy as him someday.

Mommy says that today my Aunt Amethyst is coming to visit!  She made me some really neat artwork for my bedroom, so I am excited to meet her.  I guess I have an Uncle Erik, too, but I haven’t met him yet and he couldn’t come, so hopefully I will get to meet them soon.  My mommy and daddy really love them.  I’m sure if they love them, I will too! I love meeting new people!

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