Being cute is EXHAUSTING!   March 7th, 2010

Aunt Amethyst left today :( I cried a lot when she left. She is such a fun aunt! I can’t wait until I can see her again! We did so many fun things while she was here!

After we got all cleaned up from our art project the other day, we got to go meet daddy for dinner! We tried to make him guess what new thing I got to experience, but the bronze paint under my fingernails (which is STILL THERE even after a 2nd bath and a nail trimming!) kinda gave us away :(

Thursday I wasn’t feeling very well. I’ve had a stuffy nose and yucky throat for about a week now. Thursday I was very crabby because I just wanted to be cuddled, but we were out and about all day again! I ended up going to see the doctor on Friday because mommy was afraid that it was worse than it really was, but she was right – just a cold. We didn’t get to see Dr. Q because he was on vacation or something, but the doctor we did see was really nice – he even warmed up that round metal thing before putting it on my skin and listening to my heart beat! I’ve been feeling better, though, so hopefully I will be back to Super Max status soon!

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