More new things!   March 9th, 2010

Last night daddy was reading to me out of one of his favorite books.  I love it when daddy reads to me.  He does all of these voices so I know who is talking. It had some really cool pictures that I couldn’t keep my eyes off of!

Today was another big day! I’m able to hold my head up ALL BY MYSELF!! Mommy was so proud of me.  I was sitting on her tummy, and she was just holding onto my hands, and I didn’t flop around at all! She then got out this weird little green chair, and I sat in that for a while.  It was a good time.

Mommy has started calling it my “throne.”  She says that I look like the Godfather when I sit in it.

Also today, I got to meet a new friend! One of mommy’s work friends named Jill came over with her little boy, Luke.  Luke is 2 weeks older than me, but I’m a little bigger than him.  He’s really fun, though! I can’t wait til we’re actually old enough to interact with each other.  We both pretty much slept through the entire visit :P

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